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Oct. 8th, 2008

Well, the winetasting was fabulous.  We really had a great time.  We didn't get as crazy as we did last year but it was still a lot of fun.  And it wasn't bad being pregnant either!

My best friend, Kristen, was in town for the weekend and we had a great time.  I'm a little worried about her b/c she's really gained a lot of weight I think from being depressed.  Her job situation is horrible and always up in the air and she never has any money.  Good thing is that she just moved in with a roommate so her rent will go down significantly and she purchased a new pair of running shoes in Boulder on her visit.  I really hope she gets back into running and feeling better about herself.

Well, I finished my baby registry at Babies R Us.  It was really weird b/c we don't need too much baby stuff but more toddler stuff.  I think we're going to decorate Nate's room in Nebraska Cornhuskers gear so I ended up registering for a lot of red stuff.  I feel a little bit strange about getting a shower for a 2nd baby, but I guess we do need some things so no complaints here!  We'll be driving to Omaha on the 24th of this month for the weekend.  I'm not looking forward to the drive, but I am looking forward to seeing Brian's parents again.  I just love them.  They are awesome with Sophia and it gives Brian and I a break.

Sophia's doing great.  She's starting to take steps and babble a lot.  She's saying what I think is "doggy" but what Brian thinks is "daddy".  I'm humoring him.  I'm feeling better with this pregnancy too- no kidney stones- yay!  My S.I. joints are a mess but it hasn't been as bad lately, just tolerable.  I haven't gained any weight in 3 weeks which is huge for be b/c I started out 20lbs. heavier than I did with Sophia.  Everyone says I'm smaller this time around.  I think my belly is bigger but I'm not gaining all the chub everywhere else...thank goodness!

Another friend of mine is coming in town this weekend from Boston.  I haven't seen Megan in forever so I'm really looking forward to this visit.  Her and Brian and I all hung out together in Memphis and we always had a great time.  She'll be meeting Sophia for the first time!

So Brian is coming home from Guadalajara today.  I have to say that he's freaking me out a little b/c he's talking about moving to Mexico!  This is latest email:
"Be prepared to help me with my resume when I come home.  We need change in our lives - the US is too basic and boring to raise a diverse family.  We need to get out after Nate is born.  I'm telling you - the US is not the place to be right now."

I have to say that I'm not totally against it.  It's quite an upheaval in our lives though.  I would only go if the stars were totally aligned.  We'd have to live in a city, which actually Guadalajara doesn't sound too bad.  Apparently it's considered the San Francisco of Mexico.  I'd have to sell the studio- boo.  We'd have to sell our house, which would not be an easy task right now.  The cool and adventurous thing is that we'd all be immersed in the Mexican culture.  I'd have to brush up on my Spanish and Brian would have to learn.  Apparently, Nestle Corp (who he's visiting) is desperate for English-speaking engineers, which means Brian could get a great job and possibly phenomenal pay.  He said we could get a house the size we have now for about $60K.  Huh.  Yeah, it probably won't happen but it's nice to dream...


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Oct. 9th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
Hahaha. I am totally cracking up over how much thought you're putting into moving to mexico. Did you ask Brian about his weird email?
Oct. 9th, 2008 05:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I guess I would actually consider it! Really though, Brian came home talking about moving to some little town in the middle of nowhere. It's actually where I studied when I was in school. It was nice and all, but I need the city. I told him I'd only consider Guadalajara. I'm not about moving to a place that feels 3rd world. I need Target. I need to be able to find at least one person that will speak English with me once in a while. Guad looks like it's actually got a pretty good population of Americans & Europeans.

Well anyway, we're not moving there so I guess I don't have to worry about it. Just the adventurous part of me getting excited...
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