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Sophia's Birthday Present from Mommy

Hehe, look what I got for Sophia for her birthday!  I wanted to get her a cheerleading outfit but couldn't justify spending $40 on one...

Dress Stalking

Whoo-hoo!  Have you ever stalked clothes at a store?  My job at J.Crew opened my eyes to the desperation that ensues when you can't find the item you wanted and thought it was perfect and believed that if you didn't get it that your life would change for-ever...for the worse.  Yeah, I called the store where Sophia's blue dress is and they still had the last one in her size!  Yay!  Wow, it's really sad how excited I am.  Oh, and better yet, it's on sale for less than what it is online!  Double yay!

Sad, sad, sad... 

So something else good happened to me today- Linens & Things is going out of business in Broomfield and this is what I scored for only $107!!!

Wine Fridge
Ice Bucket
Box of Tea
Punch Bowl

...and the best part is that when I called Brian to see what he thought about buying this stuff he said go ahead!

Bday Dress #2

Okay, I don't think I can stand it.  I thought I wanted foofy for Sophia's bday pics but I'm really thinking about this other dress we found.  It was really my first choice, kind of mod, blue which is a great color for her.  The only reason why we didn't get it is because when she sat down it didn't lay right.  But...I'm thinking maybe we can get some standing up pics in it...darn it!  It's just so cute and if I don't get it I think I'll regret it.  There's nothing wrong with having 2 outfits for her pics, is there?

Well, my race tonight was out and so is my bike ride.  I've messed up my back pretty bad this time.  Thank God for Brian's mom who was able to come out and help...

Once I started feeling a little better I wanted to get one of those pregnancy bands to help support my sacrum and back and found one at Mimi Maternity in the mall.  Since we were there Annette & I decided to find Sophia a dress to wear in her birthday pic.  Yes, I'm going foofy.  I never thought I would, but I have this vision of Sophia sitting in this beautiful poofy dress just smiling away at the camera...so here we go...

We found this at Gymboree...hehe, it's called the Icecream Social Dress:

Still Planning...

Just making a list for Sophie's bday plans...

Things I have:
1. 4x pink tablecloths for picnic tables
2. brown streamers to "tie up" table to make them look like gifts
3. big giant bows for center of tables- I could only find 2 white & 2 silver...no brown- who carries brown bows anyway?
4. pink streamers to twist with brown for decorations- I know, this is simple and non-imaginative, but since it's outside it could be really windy and I'm not going to spend a ton of money on something that's going to blow away.
5. a bday sign to put in the grass (I couldn't resist this one)
6. digital memory frame to put early pics of Sophie on display
7. party hat for Sophia
8. booster chair that fits on the end of the table
9. camera!

Things I still need:
1. upload pics to frame
2. cupcake mix- I might just do the stuff in the box- I'm thinking vanilla w/ the blue "water" icing and chocolate w/ pink icing just because they'll match the party colors
3. cupcake deco: teddy grahams, blue food coloring, gummy lifesavers, "1" candle
4. order party eco packs- they come in 25ct and so far there are 18 coming so I might just order double and expect to have a lot left over...
5. Brian's mom is taking me to Costco to get food
6. charcoal
7. party favors- these will be simple since most of the kids are babies or are pretty young.  I'm either thinking about getting a bunch of helium balloons and let the kids take them home (no cheapy toys left around the house) or maybe get some sort of pool toy like beach balls or something...

Bday Plans

Really getting excited about Sophia's birthday party.  I actually woke up this morning at 4:30am thinking about it and couldn't get back to sleep.  I think I'm going to wrap up the picnic tables in pink tablecloths and put a brown ribbon around them with a giant bow in the center.  Now I just have to find giant bows...huh...

A local mom is selling her digital memory picture frame (new & unused) because it's not compatible with her Mac- yay for me!  I'm going to put some early pics of Sophie and put it on one of the tables.

More later, got a big day ahead of us!

Good Things!

Good things that have happened in the past couple days:

Brian took pity on me and said I could buy some maternity clothes...and I didn't even ask!!!  I'm waiting for the alien to come popping out of his body...

We got a $1700 check from the insurance company to fix my car.  I swear, it was like it came out of nowhere- some guy came to inspect the damage, went out to his car, and came back with a check.  Now the question is: do we really get it fixed or do we use it on something we really need?  The car isn't really all that damaged- afterall, I've got one of those cheesy fake black plastic bumpers.  It's dented a little but it wouldn't look w.t. if we didn't fix it.  But it's not like we need the money for food or paying the electric bill either.  We'd probably use it to pay off the doctor bills for this pregnancy...hmm...baby or car?  I guess the question of the day would be: is it dishonest to use your accident insurance money for something other than fixing your car?

Baby #2 Update...and Sophia Pics

We're at 16 weeks with baby #2!  I went to the doc yesterday and since I've been having pains in my low back again they did a renal ultrasound to check if it was kidney stones...fingers crossed it's not!  Heartbeat was good and we're moving along just fine.  I got some Claritin for what we think are allergies so hopefully that'll help. 

Sophia's been into everything- she is just non-stop.  We're learning the places it's okay for her to go so we've resorted to shutting a lot of doors and blocking off walkways with chairs until we get our baby gates up.  I guess we'll be using the gates for a loooonnnggg time!

Today's Drama

Got rear-ended today.  First car wreck ever.  I was surprisingly calm, maybe because it wasn't my fault.  Sophia and I are okay.  Poor Kit was in the far back and got knocked pretty hard, but she seems fine too. 

There's so much more I was going to write but I'm super tired so I'm going to bed.  I've been having to stay up late just so I'll actually sleep and maybe possibly be too tired to think about how my low back and sacrum hurt when I lay down...I hate being pregnant...

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