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...this just might prove what a freak I am...

24 April 1977
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Let's see...I live with my fam (hubby, new daughter, & two dogs) in Erie, Colorado. I own a yoga studio in Louisville, CO and wouldn't give it up for anything. I get up in the morning at 7am to feed the baby but I'm usually unable to get back to sleep so that's pretty much when my day starts. I'm an English Literature Major but can't seem to ever remember the titles or authors of any books. I'm double-jointed but not to the point of being too much of a freak. I can't sing- even my husband asks me not to. I'm a rock star in the shower, car, at church, and basically anytime where the music is too loud to hear myself or for anyone else to hear me. I think that my feet & my head are too small for my body. I enjoy snowboarding. I believe I could've been a pretty good soccer player if I didn't swim in high school. I have quads of steel- or at least did before I got pregnant and let myself go. I like to wear heels and be glamorous but am somewhat of a hippy. I love female singers, but not the mushy ones- Norah Jones is about as mushy as I get. I like Journey. I like Gilmore Girls, I wish I could be that witty. I'm a Christian and sometimes afraid of being a bad one. I love to entertain. I'd like to get more into wine tastings. I'm judgemental but I try not to be. I'm a food addict- the kind that could end up being 800lbs if I don't watch out. I wholeheartedly hated being pregnant and breastfeeding is not a wonderfully special experience but I pressure myself to be as natural as I can for my daughter's sake. I have a pretty great smile but my teeth need to be whiter (discolored from a childhood accident.) I've never broken any bones but I've had stitches. I've gotten out of a speeding ticket by claiming a local cop with my same last name was my father. I've tried drugs- I thought they were fun a the time but not worth it now that I look back. I can fold my tongue in half like a burrito. I love pizza with pepperoni, tomatoes, & artichokes...and drinking it with orange juice. My husband is a tall blond guy and I hope my daughter is tall too because I wouldn't wish being short on anyone. I used to chew my nails and now a have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles. My friends say I can strike up a conversation with anyone just about anywhere. I studied Spanish in Mexico for 4 weeks but can't speak it very well. Having a baby attached to me 24/7 is really hard. My husband travels a lot and I like having my independence- it's great when he gets home though. My feet hurt almost all the time. I've eaten 6 McDonald's cheeseburgers in one sitting (when I was pregnant.) I could never be a lesbian, a bulimic, or a WWF wrestler. I believe that God has this big book containing the story of our world- it's already worked out and we're just small characters that make up the big picture. I like grilled cheese with chocolate milk and I get insanely jealous of thin girls.

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