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December 4th, 2008

Getting Ready

Well, we've hit 36 weeks in this pregnancy- yay!

I was hoping I'd be even a little bit dilated but no luck.  Actually, my cervix is still so high that the doc requested an ultrasound to make sure Nate is even head down, which he is.  The exam hurt like a b*%&$ and made me bleed and I think it might have triggered some harder contractions, if that's possible, b/c all of a sudden they're getting pretty intense.

Last night was the worst so far.  The contractions actually woke me up from a dead sleep, which has never happened before.  And they took up more of my belly and low back instead of just the typical lower pelvis. 

I'm actually feeling okay right now.  My pelvic bones are still really sore, but I think mind over matter has been helping- I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel so I'm in a better mood.  Oh, plus it snowed last night and today and it's beautiful outside, and I love driving around in the snow.  (Brian made me promise not to be out too long today though in case of accidents and w/ me being preggers and all...aww...)

I still have so much to do to get ready for Nate's arrival:

1. put my clothes away in the new dresser- they're still in the corner next to my bed and that's where the bassinet will be going.
2. move bassinet into room
3. wash baby clothes
4. check out the crib Brian's friend gave us to make sure it's safe
5. get Sophia's new carseat installed so Nate can take hers
6. pack my hospital bag!

and some non- baby stuff:
7. bring up xmas decorations from basement
8. clean out Sophia's diaper pail- apparently even the ones designed to reduce smell get really stinky
9. take some things over to Childish Things in Boulder
10. pick up iced tea packets from Celestial Seasonings
11. send out xmas cards- they're all addressed, I just have to cut the letters and stamp the envelopes.

Well, there's more to tell, but I'm treating myself to a prenatal water aerobics class this morning- can't wait to lay on my belly in the water!!!

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